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Our guide to size and condition

Vintage Fashion – it's all about the fit!

Are you unsure about the size of our vintage items? We created this guide to help you find the perfect match!  

As vintage lovers we know: The sizing of second hand fashion can be rather confusing. As years go by, clothes lose their labels and change in size. So we had to come up with a strategy to create our own sizing-system for our vintage items here on the shop. We tried to stick to modern size guidelines while still respecting the way in which the pieces were originally designed to fit. 

So if you come across the "fits like" tag in our product descriptions, the letter is meant to resemble it's equivalent in modern day fashion. By carefully inspecting the pieces we try to match them to up-to-date sizing charts. An "M" will fit like the medium you're used to from shopping non-vintage clothes. Please don't be confused, if the remaining tag on the item tells you another size – many years of wash & wear may have caused the original sizing to be incorrect.


A piece of history – the condition of second hand clothes

Choosing a vintage piece for your wardrobe not only makes you an environmental hero. It also shows that you appreciate well loved clothes with a rich history. But sometimes that means having to compromise when it comes to wear & tear. Even as experienced vintage sellers we can't guarantee a perfect state for every single one of our items.

Missing buttons, malfunctioning zippers and small tears are a natural occurrence in second hand clothing. And due to our philosophy we still want those well loved items to find a new home. So we created a grading-system from A to C to ensure full transparency for our customers. Pieces with one or several flaws recieve lower grades and are therefore significantly lower in price. But if you're a fan of upcycling they are a great deal!

This is how the categories work:

We try to make sure that:

our A-category items have a used feel but 

  • no holes
  • no stains 
  • no missing buttons or broken zippers

our B-category-items have slight discoloration or stains but

  • no holes
  • no missing buttons or broken zippers

our C-category items may have easily repairable

  • holes
  • stains
  • missing buttons or broken zippers


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